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Dinner & Party Catering

Gourmet catering for 8-50 people from £12.00 per person 

Our Mother's Kitchen brings bespoke catering to you with private & corporate events that will delight and inspire. We bring our expertise to your home or event, giving you the freedom to enjoy delicious home made food without making an effort. Either just delivered or have your own private chef (additional cost) use your kitchen allowing you to throw a dinner party in the comfort of your home. Catering at home has never been so easy and delicious. Using Organic & natural ingredients with a dash of ingenuity we make real food for real people.  We bring the restaurant experience to you. Whether it is sitting down to a delicious family dinner, hosting a dinner with friends,  or lunch experience for a small or large number of people, You can choose from one of our set menus or we will discuss your requirements, create and produce a menu to your personal taste in our premises. We will then use your kitchen to finish our exclusive meals for you and your guests.


8 to 15 person = £16 pp

16 to 30 person = £13 pp

31+ persons = £12 pp



    • Choose 2, (At least 1 must be veg)

  • MAIN

    • Choose 2, (At least 1 must be veg)

    • For lamb option add £1.00 per person


    • Raita

    • Boiled Rice (Pilau option +50p per person)

    • Naan

  • Dessert

    • Choice of any 1 dessert for £1.00 per person


8 to 15 person = £20 pp

16 to 30 person = £18pp

31+ persons = £16 pp



    • Choose 3, (At least 1 must be veg)

  • MAIN

    • Choose 3, (At least 1 must be veg)

    • For lamb option add £1.00 per person


    • Raita

    • Boiled Rice (Pilau option +50p per person)

    • Naan

    • Chutneys

  • Dessert

    • Choice of any 1 dessert for £1.00 per person


8 to 15 person = £23 pp

16 to 30 person = £21pp

31+ persons = £19 pp



    • Choose any 3

  • MAIN

    • Choose 4, (At least 2 must be veg)



    • Pilau Rice

    • Naan

    • Poppadum

    • Chutneys

    • Raita

    • Spiced onions

  • Dessert

    • Choice of any 1 dessert



  • Veg Pakora

    • Mixed Vegetable, deep-fried in a spicy batter.

  • Lahori Fish

    • Succulent whitefish marinated in a special blend of exotic spices and shallow fried.

  • Chicken Pakora

    • Tender chicken breast pieces coated in a spicy chick pea & rice flour batter for extra crispiness and deep fried

  • Vegetable or Meat Samosa

    • Meat or spicy vegetables stuffed in a crisp pastry and fried

  • Chicken Wings

    • Chicken wings marinated with special spices, and grilled

  • Chicken Tikka

    • Boneless chicken marinated in herbs and spices (ginger, garlic, fresh coriander) grilled and infused by charcoal to give it a tandoori flavour

  • Chana Chaat

    • Chick peas in a rich masala sauce garnished with coriander

  • Aloo Tikki

    • Potato cutlets, covered in crispy breadcrumbs and shallow fried

  • Kebab Skewers

    • Tender mincemeat with onions, herbs, fresh coriander & green chillies cooked in a grill


Veg curry

  • Aloo palak

    • This is a simple and healthy potato and fresh spinach dish, with complementing spices, fenugreek and green chillies.

  • Mutter paneer

    • Classic vegetarian dish with cheese and peas in a spicy tomato based masala

  • Achari bengin

    • An easy Punjabi veg dish made with aubergines, and flavoured with spices typically used in Indian pickles.

  • Aloo Gobi

    • Popular south Asian dish in which potatoes and cauliflower are cooked with onions, tomatoes and a blend of spices.

  • Bombay potatoes

    • a simple yet delicious potato curry with a blend of spices such as mustard seed, nigella seed, cumin and more. Garnished with a tamarin sauce.

  • Tarka Daal

    • Classic lentil dish, tarka refers to the few titular ingredients that are fried up do give deep and complex flavours to the dish.

  • Daal makahni

    • This dish has whole black lentils, cooked with butter and cream, flavoured with an array of spices.

  • Channa masala

    • One of the most popular chickpea dishes in south Asia, cooked in a masala, consisting of onion, coriander, garlic, ginger and chillies and more.




Chicken Curry

  • Chicken Jalfrezi

    • Delightfully flavoured curry in spicy tomato masala, with stir fried  bell pepper and onions

  • Chicken Makhni

    • Mild but flavoursome curry prepared with grilled marinated Chicken before cooking in a buttery gravy. The addition of cream gives this curry a silky smooth texture

  • Karahi Chicken

    • Very popular dish made in a wok with simple and fresh ingredients and green chillies

  • Chicken Korma

    • Chicken made in a mild yet rich blend of aromatic spices, a curry made with ground almonds and cream.

  • Chicken Palak

    • Healthy and hearty dish made with fresh spinach into a chicken Bhuna, garnished with a dollop of butter for added smoothness


Lamb curry

  • Lamb Bhuna

    • A delicious curry home roasted with and ground spices cling to succulent cubes of lamb

  • Karahi lamb

    • Chicken karahi is a south Asian dish, traditionally cooked in a wok, brought to life with accompanying ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, chilies and an array of bold spices and aromatics.

  • Lamb Dopiazza

    • Lamb prepared with a large amount of delicately cooked onions and an array of spices.

  • Aloo gosht

    • One of the most traditional pakistani curries. Thin gravy-like lamb curry, with potatoes, a real comfort-food.

  • Lamb chops masala

    • A chefs speciality; lamb chops cooked in fragrant onion masala, finished with sweet chilli sauce and flavoured with fresh jalapenos


  • Masala fish

    • Meaty and chunky fish pieces, coated in dry-rub spices and fried before added to a thick masala.

  • Lahori fried fish

    • Fish thickly coated in dry blend of spices, along with cornflour and fried.

  • Goan fish with tamarind and coconut sauce

    • Baked fish sauce consisting of tamarind, tomato and chillies; and thickened with coconut

  • Chili fish

    • Quick fried fish, topped with home made garlic chilli sauce

  • Garlic butter fish

    • Fish prepared by simmering into a sauce prepared with garlic butter, spring onion and chillies, garnished with lemongrass


  • Pilau options available with either Mushroom, Chick pea, Green pea, Mixed veg


  • Zarda rice

    •  Zarda is a traditional south Asian sweet dish made by boiling rice with food colouring milk and sugar; and flavoured with cardamom raisins saffron pistachios and almonds

  • Kheer

    • Creamy delicious south Asian rice pudding, made by slowly simmering rice in milk, nuts and saffron

  • Firni

    • A rice powder pudding, with a smooth custard like texture, flavoured with cardamom, rosewater and garnished with ground nuts

  • Sawaiyan

    • Delicious vermicelli noodles prepared in butter and sugar syrup enriched nuts and home made khoya; made from unsalted ricotta.

Prices include delivery within a 5 mile radius.

Please call or email to discuss your requirements and order.

Chef in your kitchen available at additional cost

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