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Why mum didn’t do this earlier, we will never understand.  Finally, after years of persuasion, our mum has opened up her kitchen, to teach people the art of authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine.

Like many south-Asian families, we have a huge, close knit family.  As a result, we entertain a lot. It is not uncommon for families of 5-10 people to pop in to visit, normally with only a few hours’ notice; and in our family, it’s rude to not offer dinner.  But mum didn’t just make one dish, she insists on doing a minimum of 2-3 starters, 3-4 mains, and a couple of desserts to go with a cuppa.  It was not uncommon for mum to rustle all this up, in a few hours.  Quantity is one thing, but the quality, wow.  Mum never fails to impress. 

So after 6 months of watching mum going 100 mph in the kitchen, we moved things from her head, to paper.  We structured all her brilliant recipes so that they can be made easy-to-learn in our workshops.  

Should we have the pleasure of your company at one of our workshops, you will cook along with our mum, in real time, at your own stove, in our purpose built catering kitchen. You can come yourself, as a couple, or as a group of 4.  After the cooking, you can relax, and enjoy your meal.

We send you home not only with your delicious self-made meals, but with recipe cards of the dish which you made at our workshop.  It's important to us that you are completely comfortable with recreating the meal in the comfort of your own home, so, we will give you a dedicated email address and telephone number, should you ever wish to get in touch to get some advice on the recipe, or to clarify some detail.   


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