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Tarka Daal and Rice (red lentil)

This tarka daal dish centres around red lentils and is very popular and delicious dish from Pakistan. This comforting and nutritional dish benefits from exuberant flavours from spices, garlic, cumin, chillies and more.

Spice Level: medium

Vegan Friendly



Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani is a warm, comforting chicken and rice dish serving up exotic tastes and spices like saffron, star anise, nutmeg and many more.

Spice level: Medium


Masala fish

Spicy masala fish curry is made with in-season, fresh white fish steaks paired bold flavours from ingredients such as cumin coriander and ajwain, cooked in onion and tomato based masala/gravy.

Spice level: low-medium


Chicken Karahi and Naan

Chicken karahi is a south Asian dish, traditionally cooked in a wok, brought to life with accompanying ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, chilies and an array of bold spices and aromatics.

Spice level: medium/hot


Palak Gosht and rice (aloo Palak vegan option)

This dish couples delicious, succulent lamb with fresh and versatile spinach, really complementing the spices, fenugreek and green chillies. For a vegan option, an aloo (potato) alternative is available too.

Spice Level Medium

Vegan Option available